Bryan Pike


Bryan Pike has been making films since Primary school and even at this young age always strove to be different and break from convention. His second short film featured a Gold Fish that escapes the drudgery of his existence by ensnaring his cross-dressing owner in an elaborate Rube Goldberg trap.

The single most inspiring film of Bryan's adolescence was Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's Delicatessen (1991). The richness of ideas, invention, black humour and visual style consolidated everything Bryan wanted to do with filmmaking and how he saw the world.

He recently graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Media Arts and Production, giving him a broad base of skills in editing, sound production, TV, film and web design. Bryan ultimately aims to become a writer/director of feature films and hopes to create visions of the world that shock, inspire, horrify, titillate and challenge and give voice to the unique, the bizarre and the beautiful.

His short films have received numerous awards and featured in a number of prominent festivals including AtomFest, the Canberra Short Film Festival and Cirque Du Nocturne.

Voice Actor

Bryan is an accomplished voice actor, adept at a variety of character voices and accents. He has contributed voicework to various paid animation, phone app, gaming, TVC, film and radio projects.


Bryan is a professionally trained actor, having studied at the University of Western Sydney's Theatre Nepean and receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Performance. An excellent performer in his own right, the craft he learned during this time has made him highly skilled at directing actors on screen.

He recently won Best Director at Crash Test Drama Canberra. He has worked with theatre directors Adam Cook and Daniel Schlusser, appeared in the ABC comedy series 'Double the Fist', and acted in numerous short films, music videos and animated shorts.


Bryan has completed half of a Certificate Four in Fine Arts and is skilled across a number of forms including sketching, painting and sculpture. His favourite medium is oil on canvas. His favourite subject is women.