Voice Reels




Locatable Advertisement

Locatazoo: Why "Splittable" is a must-have in houseshares from Smartup Visuals on Vimeo.

This is an online ad from the good people of Smartup Visuals.

Click on the image above to check out their website.

I provided the voices of the Hedgehog, Giraffe and Cricket.

Top Notch Learning

I provided the voiceover for this company advertisement that provides online courses and education by leading Australian RTOs, Universities and TAFE Colleges.

Click on the image above to link to their website

Surviving the Desert

Surviving the Desert from Rohan Lorenz on Vimeo.

Surviving the Desert was originally a storybook created by Jeric Ilagan for the Science Island project. It was then chosen to have a game and animation based on it's story.

Both the game and animation can be found at scienceisland.com under the Habiterra page.

I provided the voice of Professor Fauna.

Click on the logo above to link to animator Rohan Lorenz's website

Gingerbread Animation

Here is a fantastic animation I provided a voice for, produced by Patrick Cheng of CatTrigger animation.

Click on the image above to go straight to his website


Bryan will feature as the wisecracking computer RHETT in this upcoming action RPG game from independent games studio Based on the Play, led by Pete Rivett-Carnac.

Click on the image above to check out their website


Click on the image above to link to the website

Bryan has contributed a vast array of animal and superhero voices to this exciting website designed to assist children with their literacy and vocabulary skills.

This website was conceived by the lovely Nancilee Wydra.

Zoo Alphabet App

Click on the image above to download the Free App from iTunes

I provided the majority of animal noises on this App designed to teach children the alphabet, making associations between animal images and their corresponding sounds.

Android version here.

Ocker Yoda Soundboard

I provided the 1000+ phrases for this soundboard of an Ocker Yoda.

The Soundboard App is the work of the amazing Jose of Keno NDP

This is the direct link to the App available for the Android phone Ocker Yoda Soundboard App

And here is the website for Jose's Aussie Sound Boards

Accent Showreel

Bryan is an accomplished voice actor, adept at a variety of character voices and accents. He is available for paid radio, TVC, film and animation voicework.

Individual Accent Cue Points

0:08 - Australian

0:22 - Irish

0:37 - Scottish

0:56 - Cockney

1:07 - Welsh

1:20 - Northern (Lancashire)

1:34 - Upper Class UK (Received Pronunciation)

1:51 - Standard American

2:03 - Boston

2:19 - Californian

2:33 - New York

2:49 - Southern

3:01 - Appalachian

3:15 - French

3:30 - German

3:49 - Indian

4:02 - Italian

4:15 - Russian

Click on the link to download Bryan's ACTING CV

Man of 102 Voices

I challenged myself to do impressions of 102 various cartoon, celebrity and film and TV voices in 4 minutes or less.

I succeeded! Somebody call Guinness!

Radio Australiana

I challenged myself to do a live radio play with an Australian theme.


Check out some varied character voices I created for an animation HERE