The Short Films of Bryan Pike

These films will show you my progression and development as a film maker, and above all display my dedication to pushing the medium in terms of originality, creativity and imagination.

"Bobo's Wake"

Bobo's Wake from Bryan Pike on Vimeo.

Bobo is a bounder. A cad. This clown enters the lives of three women, a Mother, Fran, and her two daughters, Pearl and Robyn. He steals Fran's heart, impregnates Pearl and leaves Robyn with an engagement ring and a fatal disease. Following his death the women hold a strange wake where their jealousies and pain come to the surface.

Winner of Best Film, Best Director and Best Killer/Monster at the 2013 Cirque Du Nocturne Film Festival.

Winner of Best Alternative Drama in Genre Awards of the 2015 Magikal Charm Film Festival

Official Selection at Crypticon Seattle 2015

"Wish You Were Here"

From the Feature Film Anthology "Smoke & Mirrors" by the UC Media Society. Watch Full Film Here

Rory finally makes it out of the house following the death of his fiance only to encounter a street hypnotist who introduces him to an old flame

"Sunday Drive"

My entry for Lights, Canberra, Action 2013. A tale of sisters, the paranormal and the consequences of a dark family secret


My entry for TropFest 2013. An audiotape plays on small cassette recorder in a room, it is the voice of the woman trapped there, Sweetpea...or is it?


Abigail Baker waits in an interrogation cell at Section Six, a branch of the Police force. Detective Sargent Astrid Mason enters and the interview commences. What is Abigail hiding and why is Astrid so hostile? Realities are blurred and memories could be lies in this futuristic thriller.

This was a very important film in my process for it's level of ambition, the script process, special effects work and even the mistakes that occurred. I learned so much from this experience. It was the culmination of my Film degree at the University of Canberra and brought together people, skills and resources I would return to in subsequent work.

"The Mystery at the End of the Corridor"

Inspired by the elusive films of David Lynch, Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void and the aesthetics of the Theatre of the Absurd (Samuel Beckett)

Winner of Best Film in the 2012 UC Media Society's 'Short Shorts' 60 Second Short Film Festival.

Screened in the 2012 Canberra Short Film Festival.

"Into Life"

Screened at the Phoenix Pub Short Film Night in Canberra. Inspired by images and themes from the films of Alejandro Jodorowksy and Jan Svankmajer, this depicts life as a cruel lottery, where a human soul waits to be awakened by a God clad in a Nurses Uniform.

"Speaking in Tongues"

Made for a UC Uni assessment, the film had to be a minute and a half and feature two people talking about the subject "If everything was different would I know?", accompanied by abstract images somehow related to their conversation. I had always wanted to work with a foreign language and subtitles in a film (Something I continued with "The Mystery" and hope to do so in subsequent films) so I had two Persian Students talk about their take on the topic.

"Absence of Mind

Another UC Uni assesment, here we were required to make a 1 minute short film around the theme of 'Absence'. My love of David Lynch was at it's height at this time, and I wanted to make a film about old age, infirmity, decay, losing one's mind and feeling hollow or without identity. Hollowness then leads to possession by evil spirits.

"Miming Tragedy"

Made prior to Uni for the film making site,, around the theme of tragedy. I wanted to see if the conceits of mime and silent films could be taken away from their largely humourous context and used to depict a genuinely upsetting situation. A sort of Lars Von Trier styled dark comedy...or tragedy.

"Hey Wiseguy"

Made before the move to Canberra, an absurdist piece about the relationship of humanity and life, played by a Wiseguy and a Whiteboard respectively.

"Sleeping with Fishes"

Made with actors from the Nowra Players Theatre Group, my first film with a large ensemble cast. Mobsters, charlatans, perception and bananas abound. Screened at the 2005 Cool Bananas Short Film Festival.


A film built around the question "What if the character of a film became aware they were being filmed?"

"The Fox and the Hedgehog"

My first major short film, made for 3 Unit Visual Arts for my 1999 Higher School Certificate. Takes a surreal look at the relationship of Picasso and Braque and the creation of Cubism