Voices for Spoof Trek

Here are some Character Voices I recorded to audition for UC Graduate Student Caleb Sims' animation project Spoof Trek

Commander Spex

Odok the Trader

Captain Kheal

Soul Patch Guy

Lieutenant Chimpy

Captain Largo 1

Hey Caleb, on this first take I decided to throw in a bit of Jim Carey in The Mask. Don't ask me why, it just started coming out like that.

Captain Largo 2

This second take is obviously pushing for Zap Branigan from Futurama.

Captain Largo 3

This third one is all about Plankton from SpongeBob Squarepants.

Captain Largo 4

This fourth one attempts to marry all your suggestions together: Stan Smith from American Dad, (Though I'm afraid I'll never sound as deep or as rich as bloody Seth McFarlane:P) Zap Branigan and William Shatner, with Plankton at the end.

As suggested by your email, we can play where we push each element more: Stan for confidence, Plankton for anger etc.