Bobo's Wake

"Just love. No funny stuff..."

A Horror film with Clowns

Bobo is a bounder. A cad. This clown enters the lives of three women, a Mother, Fran, and her two daughters, Pearl and Robyn. He steals Fran's heart, impregnates Pearl and leaves Robyn with an engagement ring and a fatal disease.

Following his death the women hold a strange wake where their jealousies and pain come to the surface.

Bobo's Wake from Bryan Pike on Vimeo.

Official Selection Crypticon Seattle 2015.

Official Selection - Crypticon Seattle - 2015 Crypticon 2015

Winner of Best Film, Best Director and Best Killer/Monster at the 2013 Cirque Du Nocturne Film Festival.

Official Selection - Cirque Du Nocturne - Short Film Festival 2013

Winner of Best Alternative Drama in Genre Awards of the 2015 Magikal Charm Film Festival

Click on the image below to visit the festival's website.

Official Selection - Magikal Charm - Video Festival 2015

Production Photos

Archived Production Page

Download the Script HERE

Concept Art for possible Bobo Jnr. Puppet. (Instead of watermelon)

Possible sound for Bobo Jnr.

Update 18/01/2012

Some excellent designs from our make-up artist, Karen Mathias of M Artistry.
Used by permission.

Update 23/1/2013

New Script available HERE

Update 04/02/2013

Concept Art for display mount for Bobo's framed photograph.

Update 9/2/2013

Revised Shooting Script. Download HERE

Update 9/2/2013.

Practical Effects Tests.

Update 20/2/2013.


The storyboard for Bobo's Wake has been completed. Click on the thumbnails below for a larger image.

Update 1/3/2013.

Initial Test for body of Bobo Jnr. Puppet.

Further Bobo Jnr. puppet gore effects tests.

Shot List for Day 1. Download HERE

Shot List for Day 2. Download HERE