Bryan Pike is an accomplished writer with numerous screenplay, play and short story credits to his name.

He is currently working on a YAF about bunyips and brolgas set in a mythical Australian landscape.

Short Fiction

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The story of a persecuted Goblin girl in a German village. Inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

"The Curious Facts in the Case of Mrs. Juliet Schwetz and her daughter Violet"

An 18th Century horror story in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe, sifting through the darkness of women's obsession with youth.

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Theatre - "Position Vacant"

Written by Bryan Pike. Directed by Glenn Wanstall.

Starring Luke Reeves, Liz Hovey, Miriam Capper, Valentino Arico and Debbie Neilson.

Third Place Winner in Wildcards Week 4, Short and Sweet Sydney 2015.

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Poster and Performance Photos

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