Bryan has always had an interest in art. He has completed half of a Certificate Four in Fine Arts and is skilled across a number of forms including sketching, painting and sculpture. His favorite medium is oil on canvas.

Below are some selections from his portfolio.

All artworks are available for purchase, please contact Bryan here for prices and postage.



Acrylic on board

Exercises looking at the planes on hands.



Acrylic on board, mixed media, oil on board

Exercises in Art Class.



Oil on canvas

Scrying shows two souls, male and female, intermingling. They could be two aspects of the same soul. It is designed to be a deeply intimate portrait of love and connection.



Oil on canvas

Portrait of one of the girls in my TAFE art class as a Dark Mage.



Oil on canvas

Self portrait on one of my darker days.



Steering wheel, newspaper and mixed media on masonite.

Fairly self explanatory.

"Cruciform Pharaoh"


Marionette puppet, cardboard and mixed media on wood.

Was part of my larger work for HSC Art, 'Anallus Del Lamonde', which was shortlisted for Art Express that year.

When I had to destroy that sculpture for space, I saved this little figure.



Sink tubing, plaster bandage, paint on wood with sheet metal and wire.

Again featuring objects recycled from my HSC Art, 'Anallus Del Lamonde'.

Simply expresses my horror at a practice I find barbaric.



Black tar, ink, paint, spray paint and mixed media on board.

Utlising some old number boards from when I was a Petrol Station Attendant. Suggesting stuff of hard bitumen, dirt and a sliced psyche.

"Anatomy of the Gunge"


Black ink on board.

The Gunge is a creature of Australian Aboriginal origin which I perverted for a short film.

"African Mask"


Paint wash and paper on board

An African Mask I designed for an art class.



Acrylic paint and mixed media on cardboard

Ruminations on the Holocaust.

"Cubist Mirror"


Mirror shards on masonite.

Mirror for my short film "The Fox and the Hedgehog"



Mixed media on computer panel.

Technology and Cronenberg.

"The Well of Human Souls"


Mixed media sculpture with crayon and acrylic paint.

Souls roped together in torment.